Работы на зачеты 2013

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  1. by мария

    крутые работы))

    • by Lissa

      Hello, I have two comments. I miss my video sucporistibn box after I sign on youtube.com , and 2, some videos aren't loading. They just say they are loading but, it never happens.

      • by Rosie

        Krista, yes, Nathan and Meagan are flying in Friday night and we will have our pancake supper and put the ornaments on the tree Saturday night. But we just wanted to get the tree in place so weԇd have some place to put our gifts!

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    • It’s a joy to find someone who can think like that

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    • I am so far right you can't see me any more… :^DSince I'm a small-l libertarian, this quiz is shiite.I'm with methinks, this thing is pretty bogus.Smallest political quiz:Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%

  2. by Елена Антифьева

    Очень хорошие просто супеские работы. Ирина вы самый лудщий препадователь и мастер!!!

  3. by Roman

    Ирка ты крутая !!!! Работы Бомбы

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